Verified Credits

Q. Are “verified credits” necessary (or recommended for college entrance) for a homeschool high school transcript. Would dual-enrollment courses in a community college count as verified credit?

A. “Verified credit” is a term used by government schools that refers to passing end-of-course Standards of Learning (SOL) tests or other assessments approved by the Board of Education. Public school students must earn at least six verified credits by passing end-of-course SOL tests or other assessments in order to graduate.

The term does not refer to credits “verified” by educators, parents, colleges, certified teachers or tutors, or co-ops. Since homeschoolers will not be receiving a government school Standard Diploma, and we are not required to take SOL tests, we cannot include “verified credits” on a homeschool transcript. This does not create a problem for college admissions, the military, or employment.

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