Vaccination. Medical Concept-needle and stethoscope

On Wednesday, November 9, 2016, at 10 a.m., the Joint Commission on Healthcare (JCHC) will take a final vote on whether to recommend the religious exemption to vaccination be removed from the Code of Virginia. 

The last public meeting and vote of the JCHC will be held in meeting room A in the General Assembly Building at 201 N. 9th Street in Richmond. The commission reviewed nine options. Because HEAV does not support or oppose vaccinations, but we do support a parent’s right to make that decision, we recommended the JCHC TAKE NO ACTION.

Homeschoolers in Virginia are required to follow the same vaccine schedule as public and private school children.

The public is free to attend this meeting. Your attendance will make it clear to legislators that you care deeply about protecting freedom of religion and conscience in the commonwealth.

If you would like to attend, remember to wear red as a sign of solidarity with families around the nation who are defending vaccine exemptions in state legislatures. Read the Richmond Times-Dispatch article about the “sea of red” at the August 3 meeting of the General Assembly’s Joint Commission on Health Care.

You may bring children. For older school-aged children, especially, this is an opportunity for them to experience a first-hand civics lesson.

Read more about the vaccine exemption issue here.

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