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Q: On a high school transcript, should I indicate that my special-needs teen took a special type of achievement test or should I list the name of the test? The transcript may be used for college admissions.

A: Achievement test results are not included on a high school transcript. They are required by the Virginia homeschool statute in order for a parent to continue to homeschool, but the name of the test or the results are not put on a high school transcript.

The two tests that can be included on a transcript are the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) or the ACT (American College Test). These are reasoning tests and indicate how well a student is expected to perform at a four-year college or on the job. It is not necessary to take either the SAT or ACT if a student plans to attend a community college or technical school. Instead, a potential community college student will be required to take the COMPASS test, a placement test administered by the community college the student plans to attend.

It is not recommended that a transcript include information about the special needs of a student. A transcript is not a full-disclosure document. It is a record of a student’s academic achievement and accomplishments. It is not necessary to include any special testing or special-needs documentation on a transcript. This information is private, like a medical record. It can be disclosed later if accommodations need to be made.

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