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Homeschool Diplomas

Q. Why is it important to issue a homeschool diploma?

A. A diploma represents the completion of a course of study that has been prepared for your student’s education. In the case of most homeschooled students, parents set the requirements and when they are reached, they issue a diploma to verify completion. A homeschooled student can also receive a diploma from a correspondence school or a distance learning program.

A diploma should be accompanied by a transcript. A transcript is a record of the courses that were completed, the final grades, and important educational experiences (interests, sports, leadership skills) that were completed in grades 9-12 in order to receive the diploma.

Because home instruction is a lawful form of education in Virginia, parents have inherent authority to issue a diploma as evidence of graduation from that program. State agencies and public schools do not have the statutory authority to issue or verify homeschool diplomas because they did not create the program of study and they did not verify course completion.

A diploma supported by a transcript is very important. No one can anticipate the opportunities that may present themselves in the future. The request for a diploma is a standard requirement for the job market and for further educational opportunities. A diploma is required–and the validity of a homeschool diploma is well accepted–by public four-year colleges, the U.S. military, a wide variety of other post-secondary training opportunities, and federal college loan programs. Many corporations require local human resource (HR) departments to verify completion of high school by requesting a diploma—even though the applicant may have previously been in the job market.

A diploma shows:

  • an important benchmark in the educational process;
  • the hard work and academic achievement of the student;
  • acquired knowledge of specific subjects;
  • determination and willingness to take advantage of learning opportunities; and
  • the development of work habits, career skills, and good character that can prepare a student for the future.

A homeschool diploma with good transcript documentation is important because it can open the door to future opportunities.

Best regards,

Yvonne Bunn
Director of Homeschool Support and Government Affairs

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