Testing Subsections

Q. What parts of a standardized achievement test should my child take in order to satisfy the testing requirement?

A. The law requires a “composite score” in or above the fourth stanine (23rd percentile) in order to continue homeschooling. A composite score is made up of the mathematics and language arts portions of a standardized achievement test.

Mathematics may include subsections such as computation and reasoning; language arts may include grammar, mechanics, syntax, spelling, and reading comprehension.  Subsection names may differ depending on the test you select. Students are NOT required to take the science or social science portions of the test, since these are not included in the “composite” score.

A student may score below 23rd percentile in one of the subsections and still be okay. It is the complete composite score, not one subsection score, which must be at 23rd percentile or higher.


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