Testing Low in One Section

Q. I’m in a panic! My student has been testing low and scored below the 23rd percentile on one section of a standardized test. What should I do?

A. A student may score below the 23rd percentile on one or more sections of a standardized achievement test and still be okay. The composite score is the most important score for the purpose of complying with the Virginia homeschool law. The composite score is made up of the language arts and mathematics components of the test, and is determined by using a special formula, not the average of the individual sections.

Look for the composite score on the score sheet. If the composite score is not listed, contact the testing service and ask them to provide a composite score so you can comply with the Virginia law. The composite score must be in the fourth stanine or  the 23rd percentile or higher. If it is not, the superintendent may place the home instruction program on probation for one year, or he may no longer allow a parent to homeschool.

If the composite score is lower than the fourth stanine or below the 23rd percentile, wait to send in the scores and contact me at 804-278-9200, so we can discuss some other options.


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