Testing If Beginning Mid-Year

Q. I just started homeschooling. Am I required to send test scores to the superintendent by August 1?

A. Yes, if you complied with the homeschool law by filing a “Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction” form or by writing a letter, you are required to provide evidence of progress by August 1 each year. The law does not make an exception based on the number of months you have homeschooled. If you have started mid-year, you still need to provide evidence of progress by August 1.

If you are concerned about your child’s lack of progress during such a short time, have him take the test, but be sure to allow enough time to receive the results, review them, and if necessary, consider another method of evaluation.

For information about testing, see our recent Testing FAQ.

With regards,

Yvonne Bunn
Director of Homeschool Support and Government Affairs

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