Testing Deadline Missed!

Q. What can I do if I miss the August 1 testing deadline?

A. Although the deadline is very close, you still have a few options. An online version of the California Achievement Test is available for students in grades 2-12. The test can be taken online and the results are provided immediately after completion.

There are two things that are unique to ordering this older test: 1) order the grade level your child will be going into, not the grade he just completed; and 2) be sure to add the composite score service because the Virginia homeschool law specifically requires a composite score.

If you know you will miss the deadline, call the superintendent’s office and tell him what happened—with no excuses. Let him know when you expect the test results, and that you will send them as soon as they arrive. Although you know it is late, ask if this will meet the testing requirements and see how he responds. Hopefully, he will be understanding and let you send them in when they arrive.

Superintendents expect to receive test results or an evaluation by August 1 for parents who file a Notice of Intent. It they don’t, several things could happen: 1) the superintendent could tell you that you can no longer homeschool; 2) he could put you on probation for one year; or 3) he may be willing to work with you if he knows you are trying to comply with the law.

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