Blacking Out Test Results

Q. Should I black out the test results for history and science on my child’s standardized achievement test before sending in the scores to the superintendent?

A. While a parent may black out history and science scores on an achievement test, some superintendents consider the parent has altered the score report and may not want to accept the results.

It would be better not to administer these sections of the test. The law requires a composite score in or above the fourth stanine (23 percentile or higher). Only language arts and mathematics and their sub-tests are included in the composite score. The composite score will not be lowered if your student does not take these sections.

Taking the history and science sections would mean that you teach the same content at the same time public schools teach these subjects. Homeschoolers are not required to do this. We have the freedom to teach these non-skill subjects at any time our children are interested and ready to learn.

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