Test Results When Moving

Q. I filed a Notice of Intent at the beginning of the school year, but will be moving to another county in a few weeks. To whom do I send my test results?

A. When you have relocated to your new address, you have a reasonable time in which to file a new Notice of Intent in your new county. After you file your new NOI, you should submit your test results to the new county no later then August 1.

22.1-254.1(B) Any parent who moves into a school division or begins home instruction after the school year has begun shall notify the division superintendent of his intention to provide home instruction as soon as practicable and shall thereafter comply with the requirements of this section within 30 days of such notice.

Test Results for Previous County

As a courtesy, you may want to contact the superintendent’s office in the county where you previously resided and let him know you have moved from his county. Although the law does not require you to contact the superintendent, this will close out your record with your previous superintendent, and he will not expect your test results.



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