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Teaching Robotics in Your Homeschool

Teaching robotics and other STEM subjects can be an overwhelming undertaking–especially if STEM is not your specialty!–but it is a fascinating topic with increasing prevalence in today’s technological developments. While not every student is going to decide to pursue a STEM field, every student CAN have a general understanding of basic STEM concepts. What’s more, every student should! Check out these seven reasons that robotics should be taught in school, then explore this Homeschool Living for resources and ideas for incorporating robotics into your homeschool courses. 

An understanding of robotics begins with an understanding of basic machines–and what better way to learn that than through play? These five simple robotics projects can be made with only a few inexpensive supplies, some of which you’ll likely have in your home. These are perfect for young kids and beginners, and may help spark some interest in reluctant learners.

RoboHub is an online robotics learning resource featuring education resources, robotics news, opinion pieces and discussions on the ethics of AI and automation, and more.

Explore this Begin Robotics course from Future Learn, which can be audited for free.

This “Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Robotics” includes a ton of information about how to teach robotics in your homeschool, what you need to research, pitfalls to avoid, how to choose a robot kit or curriculum, and online tools and resources.

Come to the HEAV Convention  in June to discover the latest resources, learn from the best homeschool speakers and curriculum experts, and more! The Exhibit Hall features several special demonstrations of particular interest to robotics enthusiasts, including a robotics expo, a 3-D printer demonstration, hands-on soldering lessons, and more.

You can find more STEM and coding resources in this Homeschool Living post.

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