Taxes and Homeschooling

On my tax return, can I claim my homeschool educational expenses as a deduction?

A. Unfortunately, homeschool parents may NOT take the Educator Expense deduction on line 23 of their 1040 tax return. There are no federal education teacher tax deductions or credits that are available to homeschool families. In a small number of states where home instruction is considered private education, state tax deductions are allowed, but Virginia is not one of them.

Teachers can deduct up to $250 in educational expenses if they are an “eligible educator” in a “school,” according to state law. They must also be paid a salary.

Homeschool parents are not employed as teachers; they do not receive salaries. Expenses for educational curriculum, equipment, or supplies used in a homeschool CANNOT be written off on Virginia state or federal taxes.

During the past few years, both state and federal lawmakers have proposed different types of taxes and homeschooling laws, such as education tax credits and deductions to correct the disparity for non-public school expenses—but to no avail.

Taxes and Homeschooling: Other Credits

However, there are some beneficial changes for families in the new tax code. The Child Tax Credit has doubled to $2,000 per child. Families can keep more of their own money to spend as they wish on their children.

Tax situations differ; therefore, HEAV suggests you discuss the new tax law with your CPA or tax advisor. This information should not be construed as giving tax advice.

This article, “Back to School Myths” in Forbes Magazine explains the tax situation for homeschoolers in more detail.

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