NOI: Superintendent Reply Late

Q. I complied with option 4 and mailed my NOI early in July. Should I be concerned that I have not had a reply since other parents I know have received letters from the superintendent? Should I call?

A. I know you may want to call, but I would suggest you wait. I expect you will hear soon.

I’m hoping you kept a copy of your letter and mailed it “certified/return-receipt” so you have proof you notified under option 4, and that they received the letter. It may take a little longer because the decision is made by the superintendent; it is not automatic as with the other options.

If they have questions, they will contact you. The law does not require a superintendent to reply, although most do, especially for option 4 because it is the superintendent’s subjective decision. If you have evidence that the superintendent has received your letter for option (iv) but you have not heard back, you may begin homeschooling. They did not respond that you failed to comply with the law.

If they contact you with questions, please call me at 804-278-9200 so we can discuss the situation before you respond to their inquiry.

Best regards,

Yvonne Bunn
HEAV Director of Homeschool Support and Government Affairs

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