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Eight Spring Activities for Your Homeschool

Spring is finally almost here! The clocks have moved forward and the first day of spring is just around the corner. It may not seem like winter has quite wrapped up yet, but the kids–and you!–are probably ready for warmer and longer days. It’s the perfect time of year to experiment with kite-flying, watch seeds sprout, and explore nature coming to life all around you! Move your homeschool outside for a few of these spring activities, outdoor crafts, and nature studies.

Spring Activities

First of all, what is the vernal equinoxWonderopolis shares a kid-friendly explanation of the term (and answers that egg-balancing question that’s been eating at you.)

You’ve heard the expression about March–”in like a lion, out like a lamb.” Take advantage of those windy days–and the ones in April and May too!–by experimenting with simple kite building techniques and testing out your creations. This is a great family activity with loads of teachable moments for a seamless blend of your “homeschool” and “living.”

Outdoor Crafts

This simple paper craft is an excellent quiet-time project to occupy small hands–maybe while even smaller ones are napping? A brisk walk and visit to the backyard after naptime will give everyone the opportunity to enjoy this colorful windsock craft.

For a fun activity to help release some of the pent-up energy left over from winter, try these hammered flower print cards. Kids will enjoy collecting and experimenting with different flowers, leaves, and grasses, and the resulting watercolor-esque prints would make lovely spring decorations, Easter cards to send to friends and family, and more.

If this last year is any indication, there will be plenty of “April showers” to use in this cool rain painting craft.

Nature Studies

Your springtime laboratory is right in your backyard. Create these spring backyard nature discovery bottles with your little ones and take advantage of the hours of exploration and experimentation you’ll be able to get from these simple collections.

This seed jar experiment from Little Bins for Little Hands gives you step-by-step instructions for creating a fascinating seed-sprouting experiment that lets you and your students get an up-close and personal view of a seeds germination.

Become a bird’s best friend by crafting a simple bird feeder and collecting nesting materials to leave out for your backyard friends. Check out these helpful dos-and-don’ts for providing nesting materials for birds, and always observe any nests you might discover from a distance so as not to disturb or harm a nesting bird or hatchlings.

You can learn more about the feathered friends in your backyard in this Homeschool Living blog.

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