Skip a Grade

Q. My child is very advanced. Can she skip a grade, and if so, should I notify the superintendent’s office?

A. If your child is advanced in all subjects at her present grade level, you could skip a grade.

The Notice of Intent does not include information about grade level, so you can file the Notice of Intent as you normally would. The homeschool law does not require you to notify the superintendent about a grade change; neither does it require his approval.

In some homeschool situations, students may be strong in most subjects, but not in all. In this case, you have the freedom to teach on multiple levels. For instance, a seventh-grader could be working in seventh-grade language arts, history, and science, but studying at the sixth-grade level in math because that’s not her area of strength. Or an advanced eighth-grader could be taking a few high school credit courses (ninth grade) to test the waters for high school.

The grade level and your curriculum choices should be geared to your child’s abilities. You have the freedom to make this decision.



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