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Skills Assessment & Consultation

New from LearningRx!

Are you still struggling to find the right curriculum? Switching curricula midstream, trying to find something that works?

Hop off the curriculum carousel and let LearningRx help you find the way your child learns best.

Receive an in-center or remote, standardized cognitive skills assessment AND one-hour consultation with a LearningRx center director to identify the root cause of your child’s learning struggle and/or highlight skills for strengthening so learning becomes easier — ALL at a drastically discounted price of just $99/child.  (The regular fee is $249-$299)

This gave me a better understanding of why my daughter struggles with certain subjects and skills and what we can do to help her in the future. It was nice to know it isn't just the curriculum or my teaching ability that is holding her back and that it is something that can be overcome.


The digital Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills takes only 45 minutes to complete. It can be taken from a laptop or tablet. It will evaluate your child’s brain skills, like

  • long- and short-term memory
  • auditory processing
  • visual processing
  • attention
  • processing speed
  • logic & reasoning

I just started to homeschool my three children and have noticed differences in how each one learns and processes new information. The results from the Gibson test helped lead me into understanding how they learn and what their strengths and weaknesses are. This way I can be aware of their struggles and provide them material that works to their strengths.

These are essentially the skills that make up their IQ, ability to pay attention, and capacity to learn, think, read and perform in school, on the sports field, AND in life.

Over 80% of learning struggles are caused by one or more weak cognitive skills. Suppose your child is frustrated and you are regularly switching curricula just to find something to which he or she will respond. Why not uncover the likely underlying cause and learn how to fix it (train it) rather than simply accommodating it year after year?

The test is normed and validated, supported in peer-reviewed literature, and administered by educators, psychologists, neurologists, audiologists, speech & language professionals, and brain-training professionals worldwide.


This $249 to $299 package is offered to HEAV families at a drastically reduced price of just $99!

In your private consultation, the LearningRx center director will review the skills tested, why they matter for easier learning, and provide your child’s comprehensive skills report. They will ask you about any goals you have for your child. They will also help determine if one-on-one cognitive training can help him achieve those goals by strengthening any identified cognitive weaknesses. The consultation will bring the results to life, and you’ll experience that “aha!” moment where you’ll understand just exactly how to address the most significant struggles.

Let LearningRx help you hop off the Curriculum Carousel!

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