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A parent, who knew home instruction did not require approval, expressed concern that the district was using the phrase, “approval is granted for you to homeschool” on its homeschool acknowledgement letter. Upon further investigation, the HEAV legislative team also found the district incorrectly indicted the requirement for the description of curriculum was a “Program of Studies – list of classes.” After reaching out to the district with these concerns, HEAV was pleased to learn they chose to consult their attorney to ensure accuracy in their communications to parents.

After two months of inquiry, HEAV was advised by the supervisor of student support services simply that, “We have made the necessary changes.” HEAV is thankful for Shenandoah’s response to these concerns, and we are hopeful parents will see positive changes and accurate information communicated in the future on their NOI acknowledgement letters.

What You Should Know:

HEAV is always available should you ever have questions or need assistance. Please contact us anytime at 804-278-9200 or via our contact form.

Patricia Beahr
HEAV Assistant Director of Government Affairs

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