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The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to evaluate your homeschool life and habits, celebrate the past year’s successes, and resolve to improve on your shortcomings. One of the most important parts of making resolutions and setting goals is to honestly evaluate your and your family’s needs and make a realistic and sincere attempt to meet them. It’s very easy to commit to a complete lifestyle overhaul and then burn out even before the end of January comes around. Use these tips for setting–and meeting!–goals for yourself and for your family, and explore these resources and activities for keeping some of the most common resolutions made.

The Homeschool Mom shares her comically idealistic list of homeschool resolutions–chuckle over these before focusing on some more realistic ideas.

Accountability is a great tool to use as you work towards your goals. These fun and practical family resolutions provide ready-made accountability partners–each other! And while some of these resolutions are things you’ll probably need to work on throughout the year–and beyond!–others are tasks you’ve likely been wanting to check off your list for years! Being able to mark a task as “completed” is a great way to stay motivated to continue working on your other resolutions.

Sometimes the momentum of the new year doesn’t have quite enough impetus to get us out of the holiday break mode. Heather Bowen from Life of a Homeschool Mom has some great tips for restarting homeschooling after the holidays. Whether your family takes a longer break over the holidays or over the summer, these are some great ways to build enthusiasm and maximize the effectiveness of your homeschool time after any extended break from schooling.

Disorganization is the enemy of meeting goals. It’s hard to keep track of progress and stay motivated when you can’t keep track of your day. The Unoriginal Mom provides essential tips for creating an organizational system that works for your family without overwhelming it.

Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions include eating more healthily, exercising more, saving money, reading more, and exploring a new hobby. If any of these goals sound familiar to you, check out this Homeschool Classroom for some great resources and ideas to incorporate into your plans.

Setting Goals
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