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HEAV’s School Board Monitor Team found two comments of concern in the minutes from a special school board session held on November 10th.

Chairman Lovell inquired about 50 non-compliant students related to home instruction. She stated she is “…concerned that there are children who are not receiving an education. She felt the Board of Supervisors needed to understand the potential for a future tax burden.”

Because an estimated 20% non-compliance rate would be an anomaly, we reached out to question the source of this data. Additionally, to ensure intellectual honesty and avoid discriminatory positions, we asked, if a report was to be done, that a well-researched and professional report be conducted that would include all available educational options, not just homeschool students, who make up only approximately 4% of the student population. To assist in this research, HEAV provided resources to numerous studies indicating that, as a group, homeschooled students perform at the highest academic levels, reach a higher rate of college completion, and enjoy a higher degree of life satisfaction.

Although Chairman Lovell did not address our concerns regarding the accuracy of her broad statements, she did note that there is “…no formal report being prepared for our Board of Supervisors at this time.” ~ Patricia Beahr, HEAV Assistant Director of Government Affairs

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Patricia Beahr
Assistant Director of Government Affairs

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