Religious Exemption and Services

Q. Is speech therapy available for religiously exempt homeschoolers?

A. A limited number of special-need services—usually speech and occupational (OT) therapy–should be available as an outreach to all students (homeschool and private school students) in the community through state and federal funding.

With religious exemption (RE), you are opposed to sending your child to public school because of genuine religious convictions. When using these services, you will not be sending your child to a public school for classroom instruction; therefore, these services may be available.

Receiving these services is based on a first-come, first-served basis. If you choose to use these services, inquire as soon as possible. The decision will be up to the school district and based on the funds available and the number of people who may apply.

When inquiring at your local school division, simply say you are a homeschool family. It is not necessary to give any further details.

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