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Rappahannock County

As a reminder, the law does not require you to submit your child’s immunization records with your Notice of Intent. Submission of these personal and private medical records is not a condition of homeschooling (§22.1-254.1.) and is only provided at the direct request of the district superintendent (§22.1-271.4.). In 2019, HEAV communicated with the Rappahannock superintendent’s designee concerning this same issue.

Again, in 2020, HEAV followed up to address the same, inaccurate text on the district’s NOI form. In response, the district began using the VDOE’s NOI sample form. A 2023 follow up revealed the old NOI form requiring immunization records resurfaced due to a reported website update error. After working with the district numerous times, we are pleased to share that the website has now been updated. ~ Patricia Beahr, HEAV Assistant Director of Government Affairs

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