Homeschool Q&A Live with Yvonne Bunn!


Here is our inaugural live question-and-answer video with Yvonne Bunn, HEAV director of homeschool support! Yvonne writes the widely read Q&A in our e-newsletter, the Virginia Homeschool Update, each week.  This weekly Q&A Live session on Facebook gives you a chance to get your questions answered in real time! Plan to join us on Facebook each Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m. to hear a different question each week. Have a question you’d like answered? Send an e-mail to–or just post it in a comment below!

Now, without further ado….

Find out what YOU need to know! Here are just a few topics Yvonne touched on today:

2:22 – Is it okay to start homeschooling mid-year?

3:43 – Do I need to something different if I’m new to the area?

4:33 – Can I just decide I want to homeschool in Virginia in the middle of the year?

6:20 – When should I send my Virginia Notice of Intent?

9:15 – What are the options under which I can homeschool in Virginia?

10:12 – Can I homeschool if I only have a GED?

13:16 – What is a description of curriculum?

14:12 – Do I have to have my child tested?

16:21 – What about immunizations?

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