Public School Testing

Q. I have a child who needs help with reading comprehension. Can I have him tested through the public schools?

A. Public schools will only provide an evaluation and/or services for students enrolled in their schools, so you will need to have his reading skills evaluated privately. The only publicly funded service that may sometimes be available for private and homeschooled students is speech therapy for young children. School districts must budget a small percentage of their federal funds for community outreach; therefore, most communities offer speech therapy to a few students.

There are excellent, private options available to you, though. Check with your local support group for recommendations; HEAV also has contact information for people who can assist parents on our Counselors, Testers, and Tutors webpage. The list is made up of professional educators, retired teachers, and experienced individuals who have a desire to work with homeschoolers. They have requested that we list their individual names or company names on our website.

You may want to call several people listed in your area in order to find one who fits your student’s needs and your budget. While we do our best to review the qualifications of the individuals on the list, the counselors, testers, and tutors are not endorsed by HEAV.

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