PSAT® Test Registration

Q. Where do I register my high school student for the PSAT?

A. A Homeschooler must register for the PSAT at the local public high school in the school district in which he resides or another school close by. Some larger private schools also provide the test. The parent should speak to the school principal or counselor. To find a list of schools in your area go to

The PSAT is taken by high school students in 11th grade in order to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program. Tenth graders may take it as a practice test for the SAT since both the PSAT and the SAT cover the same skills and use the same format.

Registration deadlines will differ by school, but don’t delay registration. 

The test registration fee is generally around $20 (check the website to be sure) plus an administrative fee; however, financial aid is available for qualifying students. The “Official Guide to the PSAT/MNSQT®” is a helpful resource with information and practice tests. Homeschool students should use the homeschool code: 994799. If you have questions, contact the College Board at 1-866-433-7728.

According to §22.1-254.1 (F), public schools are required to make PSAT® and AP® tests available to homeschoolers. If you experience any difficulties with the public school, please contact HEAV at 804-278-9200 or email 

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