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Probation for Low Test Scores

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Probation for Sub-Test Scores

Often, a confrontation will occur because school district representatives don’t fully know the homeschool law. Thankfully, these parents did—and knew to call HEAV for help.

Parents who file a notice of intent are generally well aware that they must provide adequate proof of progress by August 1. For many, this is provided in the form of a standardized, nationally normed test result with a composite score at or above the 4th stanine or 23rd percentile.

A composite score is made up of math and language arts sub-tests. For homeschoolers, the subjects are typically language arts and mathematics and their sub-tests. A score in a particular sub-test can be low, so long as the composite of all scores is at or above the 4th stanine.

Such is the case with many children across the Commonwealth for a variety of reasons. Imagine, then, the surprise of some Virginia county parents when they received letters stating that, based on their children’s sub-test score, they must enroll in public school OR submit remediation and be put on homeschool probation.

The consternation was considerable until someone picked up the phone to call HEAV.

STATUS: Resolved. HEAV worked with the district to clarify the law, and correction letters were sent to parents noting that they were no longer on probation.

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