Practice Achievement Tests

Q. I’m concerned about my child’s performance on a standardized achievement test. Can you recommend a practice test?

A. Testing jitters are contagious this time of year! You’re not alone. Parents new to the world of testing often want to know the kinds of questions on achievement tests, and wonder if they have covered the material on the test. How can you prepare your student for an achievement test since these tests are different from typical tests used during the school year?

If you’d like to know how your child may score before he takes an official test, Achieving Peak Performance is a good resource. The practice test will help familiarize your student with the achievement test format and build their test-taking confidence.

With this practice test, your student will have an opportunity to go from a test booklet to a bubble sheet, as well as to practice being timed. Although the questions on an achievement test are controlled information, the types of questions in Achieving Peak Performance are representative of those found on most standardized achievement tests. You should have a good idea of how your child will do.

Achieving Peak Performance is currently available for grades 1-10. The tenth grade test is representative of high school level work for grades 10-12. Parents can download and print the appropriate test as an e-book for $10, or can order a physical booklet for $16.

Scoring High is another resource that will help students practice the format, layout, and style that the student will have on the actual test. Although these practice books will help students improve test-taking skills, they do not teach the material. Scoring High is available for the TerraNova CTBS, the Stanford, and ITBS for grades 1-8.

The Scoring High Student Edition has 140 pages with expanded practice opportunities, and the Teacher’s Edition has 180 pages including answer keys and lots of tips and suggestions for teaching test-taking skills. The cost is $45.95 plus S&H. (*subject to change).

These helpful resources are a boon for parents and students alike who are beginning to suffer from testing jitters!

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