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Physical Education In Your Homeschool

One of the greatest things about homeschooling is being able to include the subjects that you find most important and fit them into your family life in a unique way. We all know the importance of an active lifestyle, but sometimes actually living it out gets difficult. A great way to incorporate physical activity into your homeschool, build good habits from an early age, connect with others in your community, and spend time as a family is to take up a healthy activity together. Running (or walking) together is inexpensive, accessible, and doesn’t require any special equipment or lessons. Check out this homeschool living for some great ways to incorporate simple and rewarding physical education into your homeschool.

Physical Education Together

Running is one of those activities that is great both solo and with others. Running buddies can inspire, challenge, and motivate you, and when those buddies are right there in your home–perfect! Check out this blog post from a family that took up running together during the pandemic lockdown and see how they navigated the activity that turned into a routine and the rewards they’ve reaped.

While a lot of kids are very active and seem to be running around all the time, there’s a lot of benefit to be gained from a disciplined approach to running. Check out these six benefits of running for kids from Run for Good.

Running with perseverance in a figurative sense is also a great lesson to learn. It’s even a recurring theme in the Bible, comparing our lives as Christians to a race and emphasizing the importance of perseverance and endurance. Take the time to introduce a devotional on the topic or even to incorporate it into your activity routine.

Running–or walking–a 5K as a family is a great team building experience, builds discipline and perseverance, and adds a level of challenge and accomplishment that can really motivate everyone. Even if you don’t know if running is for you, something as simple as embarking on the journey together can be enough to spark some interest. And who knows what you’ll learn along the way? Maybe you’ll never be a long distance runner, and maybe your kids won’t want to dedicate their extra-curricular time to track and field. But, trying out a six-week training plan–or expanding it to a time frame that fits your family’s needs–is a short physical education activity to incorporate into your homeschool and is arguably is just as important for the planning, habit-building, and dedication aspects as for the health benefits of the activity. Give it a try! Find a 5K in your area on There are great runs for good causes and with fun themes out there, and there are even virtual events so that you can participate on your own time.

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