Photography Unit Study

Where are your family photos? Do you have pictures tucked away in a shoebox? On an old hard drive? Filling your phone? Explore the science, art, and application of photography, whether you’re a beginner working with elementary students or an old hand honing your skills with your high schoolers. Check out the resources in this Homeschool Living and create your own photography unit study. Learn about the history of cameras and how they’ve developed over the years, incorporate photography into other areas of study and work with your kids to preserve family memories, and explore ways to build and expand on this lifelong hobby.

Photography Focus

How Stuff Works offers an excellent breakdown of the components of an SLR camera and how it works. You can also check out this video for a fascinating illustration of the components of a camera and their functions.

Check out a quick timeline on the history of cameras at Science Kids.

Whether you’re taking pictures on a digital camera or on your smartphone, these 13 tips and techniques are a great way to teach your children about digital photography and composition.

Photography Through God’s Lens

You can do a lot with a photograph. This photography unit study from Oklahoma Homeschool incorporates 12 lessons relating photography to math, science, communications, gratitude, and more. Each lesson emphasizes the importance of viewing photography–or any subject you study–through the lens of God’s word and how knowledge and skills can be used for His glory.

This article from Click It Up A Notch includes some great tips for teaching photography and its techniques to younger children. Activities are broken into two categories, one geared toward students ages five to ten, and one for students ten years and older.

Do you have a budding photographer in your family? Check out the popular teen track at the annual convention in June, led by Lenspiration’s James Staddon.

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