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Passover Lessons in Your Homeschool

Passover was an important event in both Christian and Jewish history and incorporating a Passover study or celebration into your family’s homeschool living is one of the greatest benefits of home education. Whether you would like to incorporate some Passover lessons into your homeschool to explore the historical elements and relation to the Christian faith, or would like to experience a Seder celebration, check out these articles and Passover lesson plans for ideas, research, and inspiration.

This post contains a detailed history of the Passover celebration, as well as explanations of the terms and symbols, descriptions of different types of Seders, and the elements of a traditional Seder meal. It could be used as material for research or as a resource for preparing your own Christian Seder if you and your family choose to participate.

These Sunday school  plans by Chosen People Ministries focus first on the Old Testament events leading up to the first Passover–the Israelites’ enslavement and escape from Egypt and the ten plagues–and continues with the symbolism of the sacrificial lamb and Jesus’ crucifixion.

This website shares an object lesson by explaining how Jesus most likely celebrated Passover during The Last Supper.  An inductive Bible study sheet (PDF) and an article explaining how to share the Gospel through a Passover Seder are linked as well.

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