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Pamela Gates

Featured Speaker

Pamela Gates is a Certified Learning Specialist in Dianne Craft’s Learning System. She has 18 years of experience working with bright, hard-working, but struggling students. She is a popular speaker at homeschool conferences, bringing hope to families with children who struggle with learning. Pam’s workshops are filled with practical teaching strategies that parents find easy to implement the next day. Kids will love them and begin to feel as smart as they really are! Parents find Pam’s workshops to be lighthearted and life-changing. She is also an educational consultant, conducting personal consultations and tutoring services with families in Denver, Colorado. As a homeschooling mother of six, Pam had an 8-year-old daughter with dyslexia who could not remember letter sounds or spell her name. Using unique, alternative teaching methods, her daughter overcame her dyslexia. She now has her Master’s degree in early childhood education and development.