P.E. and Drivers Education Credits

Q. Is there a requirement for high school homeschoolers to have two years of P.E.? Also, where on a transcript do I give credit for P.E. and drivers education?

A. Homeschoolers are not required to have two years of physical education. The Commonwealth of Virginia does not require homeschool parents to teach specific subjects during the high school years.

Our website includes general guidelines and samples of subjects that are typically taught during the high school years. Colleges, technical schools, the military, or employers look for these subjects in order to evaluate a student’s readiness to enter the field for which he is applying.

Although homeschool parents are free to design a program of study that suits their student’s goals, they should consider including those subjects (like P.E.) that are typical for a well-rounded education. Homeschool parents are free to teach these subjects during any of the high school years, not necessarily during the years shown in the samples.

Both P.E. and driver’s education could be listed as electives. The parent can decide to give 1/2 to 1 credit for each of these subjects. Often, 1/2 credit is given for non-academic subjects that are completed in half a year or less. The credit value is determined by the parent.

HEAV offers a transcript service for homeschoolers with a Q&A that addresses questions like this one. For answers to transcript questions, and to check out our transcript service.

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