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Design Your Own Online Homeschool

Is choosing your curriculum, finding teaching materials, and accessing online homeschool resources overwhelming?

You’re not alone.

Finding reliable, comprehensive, and Christ-centered material from the vast array of sources out there can be one of the most daunting parts of your homeschool journey.

Whether you find yourself suddenly homeschooling unexpectedly; are just getting started and want the assurance of a planned, fully developed curriculum; are teaching multiple children on a limited budget; or just want to enrich your current curriculum with video and access to reputable online resources, is an affordable, all-encompassing online homeschool curriculum to consider.

Designed with real (read: eclectic and independent) homeschoolers in mind, SchoolhouseTeachers casts a very wide net, so there is something for every topic and learning style.

A one-price annual subscription gives you lessons for every grade level in art, Bible, computers and technology, foreign language, math, music, and more. In addition, you’ll find lesson plans, quizzes and tests with answer keys, streaming videos, and record-keeping tools

Here are five ways gives you so much more than lesson plans to help you design your own curriculum and homeschool with confidence from preschool through high school.

Struggling Learner Resources

The unique challenges of homeschooling a child with special needs require focused attention and support. offers a ton of special needs resources as part of your member benefits. Courses like Kinetic Connections help guide you through the process of teaching your kinesthetic learner, using a hands-on approach to teach holidays, math, science, history, geography, and language arts.

You’ll also find video-based learning lessons; resources for building social skills and strengthening behavioral skills; as well as support, advice, and encouragement that is essential to help you homeschool your special learner.

Online Homeschool Schedule Builder
and Record-Keeping Resources

Do you need a curriculum that will help you plan and generate quarterly report cards for students and create transcripts for your high schoolers?

Here you’ll find customizable schedules, ready-made calendars, printable planning guides, and access to Applecore Record-keeping to help you track grades and generate report cards and transcripts, all included with your membership.

World Book Online Resource Library

Included with your membership, you gain access to the World Book Online Resource Library–an excellent source for supplementary learning aids. The library includes more than 500 videos about popular topics in art, science, history, and government; and hundreds of original World Book titles for all ages. Students can explore books on science, history, social studies, plants and animals, and biographies. The library also houses over 400 pre-made timelines for students to use in research and the tools for students to create their own custom timelines.

Streaming Videos

Multi-media learning is a boon for parents and can be essential for many types of learners. With your subscription, you get access to hundreds of streaming videos from providers like, City on a Hill Productions, Discovery House, and more. 

In addition to a variety of videos on academic topics, you’ll find children’s entertainment and videos on apologetics, Bible study, holidays, and family life. The whole family can access wholesome entertainment and educational videos without paying for a separate monthly streaming service.

Flexible and Accessible Curriculum

If you are homeschooling in a small space, on a small budget—or both!— can be an ideal resource. Online homeschool lessons are presented in a variety of formats, with written, audio, and video components for many lessons.  Courses are not streamed live, so you and your students can start any course, any time, and go at your own pace.

All of the curricula are either downloadable or online, so there are no physical books to buy and store.


Homeschool with confidence as a member and join today with this special discount.

PLUS, since a small portion of your subscription goes to HEAV, you support HEAV at the same time!

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