Notifying as a Certified Tutor

Q. I’m a new homeschooler. As a certified teacher, I’m confused about how to notify. Help!

A. There are two ways to homeschool as a certified tutor or teacher: 1) comply with the certified tutor statute 22.1-254 (A), or 2) comply with option (ii) of the homeschool statute 22.1-245.1 (A).

Option 1: Comply with the Certified Tutor Statute
Under the certified tutor statute 22.1-254 (A), you should send a letter to the superintendent clearly referencing the statute number 22.1-254 (A). With your letter, include a copy of your current teacher certification. The law does not require you to send in your teacher certification each year. Only when your original certification expires do you need to send another letter with your renewed certification. End-of-the-year testing or an evaluation is not required if you file under this statute.

Option 2: Comply with Option (ii) of the Homeschool Statute
The homeschool statute 22.1-254.1 (A) also includes a certified tutor provision. If you check option (ii) on the Notice of Intent form or send a letter stating you intend to homeschool under option (ii), you have complied with the homeschool statute instead of the certified tutor statute. As a certified tutor under the homeschool statute, you must send your NOI with evidence of your teacher certification each year. You must also comply with end-of-year testing or evaluation requirements.

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