Notice of Intent with Questions

Q. My superintendent sent a Notice of Intent with lots of additional questions. What should I do?

A. Some school districts develop their own Notice of Intent (NOI) forms. They sometimes ask for more information than the law requires. You are NOT required by law to use any particular NOI form. In fact, a parent can write a letter instead of using a form.

A response to your superintendent’s cover letter and form is not necessary. You can download and print the HEAV NOI form instead. It includes the basic information the law requires. HEAV’s FAQ regarding filing your NOI will answer most questions.

You should send your NOI or a letter to the superintendent’s office by August 15 each year. Make a copy of your notification to keep on file at home. You can either hand-deliver your NOI form or letter to the superintendent’s office and ask for a receipt, or you can mail it from the post office by certified, return-receipt postage.

Your receipt is proof of the date you complied with the homeschool law. Copies of your notice and delivery receipt are important records to keep on file at home along with test scores and immunization records.

Yvonne Bunn

HEAV Director of Homeschool Support and Government Affairs

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