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A form letter was sent to Madison homeschoolers asking parents of graduated students to provide evidence of progress along with a copy of a homeschool diploma, if the diploma was issued by a home-education correspondence school. Additionally, the form letter did not make clear that evidence of progress is not required of students who were five years old as of September 30th of the school year.

HEAV reached out to Madison County regarding these concerns and, after collaborating with the school board attorney, they have updated the letter so that it is consistent with the homeschool law.

What You Should Know:

  • The compulsory attendance law or the homeschool law does not apply after students have passed their 18th birthday or have graduated. (Reference: §22.1-254.(A(b)§22.1-254.1)
  • Parents determine when their home education program has been completed. Parents create transcripts, issue a diploma, and graduate their children. The law does not give authority to a public school district to require a copy of a diploma issued to private schooled, tutored, or homeschooled students. (Reference: §22.1-254§22.1-254.1.)
  • Students who are five years old as of September 30th of the school year are not required to provide evidence of progress. (Reference: §22.1-254.1(C))


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