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Lynchburg City District

HEAV contacted the Lynchburg City district homeschool liaison by phone and the superintendent and assistant superintendent by email yesterday in response to several parents who reported difficulty submitting their NOIs by the August 15 deadline.

The Lynchburg staff refused to sign the return/receipt card at their P.O. Box and NOI correspondence was returned to the parents. No one was at the physical location to receive NOIs when parents tried to hand-deliver them; and with NOIs in hand, some were told the staff would only accept electronic forms.

HEAV’s email received prompt attention and was immediately resolved by the deputy superintendent Ms. Pugh. She communicated the proper procedures to school personnel.

Certified mail will be signed and picked up from the post office. NOIs may be hand-delivered to 915 Court Street. During the one-hour block when no one is covering the reception area, there will be a phone with a direct extension for homeschool parents. The proper person will come to the lobby to receive NOIs. Lynchburg does not require electronic document submissions; it is only an option.

HEAV appreciates the prompt response from Ms. Pugh. Regrettably, there are some school districts with new, untrained personnel. Thank you FB friends who messaged HEAV and parents who called us. It’s important that all parties, including school districts, understand the homeschool law and their responsibilities.

We’d love to hear from you! If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at 804-278-9200 or via our contact form. ~ Patricia Beahr, Assistant Director of Government Affairs
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