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A parent who filed a religious exemption letter received an acknowledgement letter signed by the assistant superintendent that also included an unrelated statute and a request for the family to inform the district of their residency on an annual basis.

HEAV reached out to the assistant superintendent of instruction who signed the letter. The superintendent provided a very positive response and immediate resolution. Additionally, the superintendent graciously invited HEAV to review the revised letter to help ensure it agreed with the religious exemption statute. HEAV is thankful to the leadership in Louisa County for this positive resolution and strong leadership example to other districts in the state.

What You Should Know:

  • Religious exemption is an exemption from the compulsory attendance law.
  • Since its adoption, religious exemption has been practiced across the state as a one-time, state-wide exemption.
  • The law tasks the school board, not the superintendent’s office, with acknowledging religious exemption.
  • Religious exemption letters should indicate the school board has acknowledged the exemption.
  • Reference: Religious exemption statute (§22.1-254(B)(1)), HEAV Article Religious Exemption Demystified

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Patricia Beahr
HEAV Assistant Director of Government Affairs

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