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Just a few hours per month can make a huge difference!

Dear support group or co-op leaders,

Do you think your local school board’s actions can’t affect you because you homeschool? Believe me, they can! School boards vote on public school AND homeschool policy.

During the last month, I’ve discussed school board policies related to immunization records, certified tutors, testing requirements, homeschool diplomas, advancing or retaining students, and religious exemption with superintendents and parents. Just last week, we spoke against the Loudoun County School Board’s attempt to adopt religious exemption policies that could lead to statewide law changes.

How did we find out about it? A homeschool parent who saw religious exemption on the school board agenda alerted HEAV.

Do you know what YOUR school board is discussing?

If home instruction is on your school board’s agenda, let us know so HEAV and your local homeschool community can work together for the best outcome. (BTW, the Loudoun County initiative was voted down!) The most effective way to stop bad policy action is at the very beginning when it is first introduced and the fewest people are involved.

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You Are Key

You and your support group or
co-op can actively protect our homeschool freedoms by monitoring your local school
board each month.

This is not a one-person job. It requires a team of people with a vested interest in what happens in their local community, who will commit a few hours of their time.

Let me explain how it can work.

Support Group or Co-op Leader

  • Gather 10 people (or fewer if they can attend more than one meeting) to form a Legislative Action Team.
  • Schedule one parent each month to monitor and attend your local school board meeting.
  • Contact me at if a team member becomes aware of a situation, proposed homeschool discussions, or upcoming vote about homeschooling.

Legislative Action Team Members

  • Choose one or more of the 10 months
  • Check online for the local school board agenda and minutes during your month. [Time: 30 minutes from a home computer.]
  • Go to the school board meeting during the chosen month(s) and take notes on any homeschool issues.
  • Note the results of the online search and the school board meeting on a shareable spreadsheet that HEAV has prepared.
  • Delegate this important job to another parent if you cannot attend; let the leader know the name of the substitute person.

It’s easier than you think! Will you help me?

Please let me know if your group will work with HEAV to protect homeschool freedoms.

Please fill out the form below as soon as possible.

Thank you for standing up for homeschool freedom!


Yvonne Bunn
Director of Government Affairs

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