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A parent contacted HEAV after a school official indicated, at the end of the year, her child will need to be tested, “…on the subjects that he is taking this year.” After HEAV equipped the parent with accurate information and resources relating to the evidence of progress requirement in the law, she was able to resolve the confusion with the district.

What You Should Know:

  • The law does not require parents to provide evidence of progress for every subject studied.
  • Parents may choose from several evidence-of-progress options available in the law. These include various forms of achievement tests and evaluations or assessments.
  • For the test option, the law requires, “…a composite score in or above the fourth stanine on any nationally normed standardized achievement test, or an equivalent score on the ACT, SAT, or PSAT test.”
  • A composite score is usually made up of language arts and mathematics.
  • References: HEAV Law Flowchart, HEAV Q&A: Evidence of Progress, HEAV Q&A: Composite Scores, Home Instruction Law

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Patricia Beahr
HEAV Assistant Director of Government Affairs

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