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The HEAV school board monitor team discovered a religious exemption policy that was inconsistent with the law. It stated: “Any request for exemption under Virginia Code § 22.1-254.B(1) must be submitted…four weeks before the first day of the new school year. Exceptions are to be considered on a case by case basis.” The HEAV government affairs team contacted the school board to address concerns regarding these arbitrary requirements.

After speaking with the board’s chairman, HEAV learned the intention of the policy was to provide parents guidance on how they can best comply with compulsory attendance law while waiting for their religious exemption submission to be processed. Although a noble effort was made to provide an answer to the public’s concerns, HEAV explained how the policy was inconsistent with the law and the undue burden such a policy would impose upon parents.

After receiving HEAV’s feedback, the King George school board revised the policy to state, “It is recommended that any request for exemption under Virginia Code § 22.1- 254.B(1) be submitted…before the first day of the new school year.” HEAV is thankful to the King George school board for updating their religious exemption policy to ensure it is consistent with the law.

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Patricia Beahr
HEAV Assistant Director of Government Affairs

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