Immunizations and Religious Exemption

Q. Is a vaccination exemption included in a religious exemption?

A. No, a vaccination exemption is NOT part of a religious exemption from compulsory school attendance. A parent can have a religious exemption and not have an exemption from vaccinations. Any parent who decides not to have his child vaccinated–a homeschool parent, public school parent, or private school parent–must complete a vaccination exemption form, the Commonwealth of Virginia Certificate of Religious Exemption, and have their signature notarized, or obtain a letter from their child’s physician.

For homeschoolers, this includes parents who homeschool under all options: the homeschool statute (Notice of Intent), the certified tutor option, and religious exemption. A homeschool parent should keep the signed form or letter on-file at home in the event the superintendent requests it. It should not automatically be submitted with a Notice of Intent form.

More information and the link to the form can be found on the HEAV website under “Exceptions.”


Yvonne Bunn
HEAV Director of Homeschool Support and Government Affairs

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