Q. Is a vaccination exemption included in a religious exemption?

A. No, a vaccination exemption is NOT part of a religious exemption from compulsory school attendance. A parent can have a religious exemption and not have an exemption from vaccinations. Any parent who decides not to have his child vaccinated–a homeschool parent, public school parent, or private school parent–must complete a vaccination exemption form, the Commonwealth of Virginia Certificate of Religious Exemption, and have their signature notarized, or obtain a letter from their child’s physician.

For homeschoolers, this includes parents who homeschool under all options: the homeschool statute (Notice of Intent), the certified tutor option, and religious exemption. A homeschool parent should keep the signed form or letter on-file at home in the event the superintendent requests it. It should not automatically be submitted with a Notice of Intent form.

More information and the link to the form can be found on the HEAV website under “Exceptions.”


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