Immunization Not a Requirement to Homeschool

Q. Is immunization part of the homeschool law?

A. No, immunization is not part of the homeschool statute (§22.1-254.1) and is not a requirement for homeschooling. Although §22.1-271.4 describes the health requirements for homeschooled and exempted children, the two laws are not linked in that way. Parents who educate their children at home are expected to follow the required immunization schedule, failure to so does not affect their right to homeschool.

If a parent decides not to immunize and does not use the religious exemption or doctor’s certified letter, the child is not allowed to attend public school. It has nothing to do with fulfilling the requirements to homeschool and does not prevent a child from being homeschooled.

Best Regards,

Yvonne Bunn
HEAV Director of Homeschool Support and Government Affairs

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