IEP and Notice of Intent

Q. Since my child had an IEP, is there anything extra I need to do when I file my Notice of Intent? A. Even though your child had an IEP for public school, there is nothing additional you need to do when filing to homeschool your child. Like all parents who comply with the homeschool statute, you will need to file your Notice of Intent (NOI) with your division superintendent before August 15 this year, and next year provide test results or an evaluation. The law does not require parents to provide additional information. Your child’s IEP applied to public school goals for your child and the methods they planned to use. If you would like, you can ask the school to provide you with an SEP (Student Education Plan) that is an abbreviated plan based on his IEP. This may help you understand your child’s special learning style and the methods that may work best for him as you begin homeschooling. Although helpful, it is not required. With best regards, Yvonne
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