I Scream, You Scream: Ice Cream Science

As many families are facing significant changes in their schooling methods, summer plans, and even lifestyles this year, a fun summer activity that engages the whole family is a great way to use your time and take advantage of these hot, lazy days. Check out this Homeschool Living for some delicious ice cream science activities, history lesson ideas, and more!

Explore the history of our favorite frozen treat on Today I Found Out. Ice cream has probably been around a lot longer than you think!

There are a variety of theories surrounding the invention of the ice cream cone. Perhaps one of the most well-known is that an ice cream vendor at the 1904 World’s Fair ran out of serving bowls for his product and joined forces with a nearby waffle vendor with extra product–and thus, the waffle cone was born. You can check out that story and other invention theories in this article.

While we may never know the true story of the very first ice cream cone, it was certainly in the years following the 1904 World’s Fair that the cone became so popular that the demand for it gave rise to the invention of machines and molds which could bake the quantities needed to keep up with the demand.

Seven Fun Ice Cream Science Experiments!

You can experiment with this simple ice cream in a bag experiment–the perfect summer learning activity to engage kids of all ages!–from Scientific American. Use it to demonstrate key concepts of chemistry and food science, such as freezing, phases of matter, and solutions.

These ice cream science experiments feature some fascinating lessons using home-made dry ice, math, and logic skills. There are a range of activities to suit students of all ages, from elementary through high school.

What do you picture when you think of this beloved summer treat? It’s likely very different from what people in other countries think. Check out this video for a cool look at this cool treat around the world.

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