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GEDs and Diplomas

What is a GED? What is a High School Diploma?

What Is a GED?

General Educational Development (GED) homeschool students may complete their high school education simply by taking a GED exam. It actually only takes about tenth-grade skills to pass a GED. It is helpful to prepare for the exam by purchasing a review book from the local bookstore or checking out one from the library.

What Is a High School Diploma?

A diploma simply says that you have completed a course of study. It means only as much as the institution that granted it means to someone else. Therefore, although most colleges are familiar with major metropolitan school districts, your homeschool diploma may not be viewed much differently than a diploma from a small, rural public school. The college wants to know if your child has basic intelligence and can stick with a project. Thus, it is important for you to communicate this in your records and test scores.

Who May Award Diplomas?

Homeschooled students can earn diplomas through various options:

  • A correspondence school
  • A satellite school
  • Issue your own diploma.

What Does Accreditation Mean?

Accreditation typically means that all teachers and administrators are state certified or credentialed, and the entire school program has been scrutinized over a period of years by an accrediting agency. As you can see, accreditation is not possible for most home-education programs.

Which Is Better?


Most higher-level educational institutions and military services prefer to see the accomplishment of high-school credits more than a simple exam which shows academic proficiency. Perhaps it is the perseverance and self-discipline which is apparent in a diploma that gives it merit over a GED.


The GED, on the other hand, does prove academic ability. With so many of our public high schools graduating ill-qualified students, there is a benefit from confirming the academic competency of a graduate. The GED is an excellent exam which measures the student’s ability to apply his or her knowledge. This evaluation of strengths and weaknesses can help in determining the needed course of study.


You may may purchase a diploma here or by calling our office at 804-278-9200. By sale of this diploma, HEAV does not certify the completion of any course of study.

Blank diplomas are also available at some art or office supply stores.