The Blessing of Homeschooling Girls

With National Daughters Day coming up on September 25, now is the perfect time to show your love and appreciation for your daughter and her role in your family. Plan a fun outing, spend some extra time bonding, and say a special prayer as you use this time to strengthen your bond with your daughter. Check out this Homeschool Living for some fun ideas for bonding activities and resources and inspiration for parenting and raising daughters.

Living Intentionally While Homeschooling Girls

This father shares why daughters are a blessing in this sweet and inspirational blog post. He shares examples of unexpectedly significant roles of women and girls in the Bible, emphasizes the vital role fathers play in raising daughters, and encourages men to take on that role and responsibility seriously and whole-heartedly.

Homeschool mom and author Angela Mills shares ideas for homeschooling, loving, and raising daughters in her blog post, “Ten Days of Homeschooling Girls.” Look for fun ways to cultivate your daughter’s creativity, inspire her with true stories of girls throughout history, practice healthy living together, and create a true bond by sharing your faith and spiritual life.

Parenting Legacy to Homeschooling Girls

Check out the parenting daughters archive from Focus on the Family for tons of great resources in blog posts and podcasts on a variety of topics important to parenting your daughter, including helping your daughter build character and a relationship with God, parenting girls with special needs, and navigating difficult cultural challenges.

This blog post emphasizes the intensity, consistency, and dedication required in an intentional parenting legacy. Whether you are raising daughters, sons, or both, the tips in this post are great reminders to live intentionally with your family and consider the meaning behind what may seem to be the mundane.

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