Homeschooling Boys

The Blessing of Homeschooling Boys

by Megan Mora Fuentes

National Sons Day is today, September 28! Take the opportunity to appreciate, celebrate, and encourage the sons in your family. Check out this Homeschool Living for some great tips and advice on teaching and raising sons to help them grow into strong, godly men.

Homeschooling Boys While Living Intentionally

This collection of articles all about boys features advice, encouragement, and teaching strategies from authors and educators like Hal and Melanie Young of Raising Real Men, Stacey Farrell of Homeschool Adventure, and more. You’ll find articles on celebrating your son, strategies for homeschooling boys, and guidance for young men as they mature in Christlikeness.

In these 10 tips for homeschooling boys you’ll find tips for utilizing your son’s strengths, helping him navigate and overcome his challenges, tailoring your homeschool and teaching style to engage and encourage him, and mastering the skill of maintaining flexibility in your homeschool. While these tips are certainly applicable in many ways while teaching any student, you may find that looking at them through the specific perspective of homeschooling boys will allow you to apply them to your son in a uniquely helpful way.

These seven tips for raising godly sons are collected directly from the pages of scripture. Consider incorporating each “tip” and scripture passage into your daily devotions, focusing on a specific one each day, and even exploring it further as you’re led.

This blog post emphasizes the intensity, consistency, and dedication required in an intentional parenting legacy. Whether you are raising sons, daughters, or both, the tips in this post are great reminders to live intentionally with your family and consider the meaning behind what may seem to be the mundane.

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