Testing If Moving in the Spring

Q. We’ll be moving out of state in June. Am I required to test and send a copy of the results to the superintendent?

A. If you have filed a Notice of Intent (NOI) and will be moving out of state or moving to another city or county in Virginia before August 1 of the school year,  the law does not require submission of evidence of progress (test results or an evaluation). Although you filed a NOI, you no longer reside in that city or county; therefore, you are no longer under the authority of that superintendent.
As a courtesy, you may want to contact the superintendent’s office by phone or letter to let him know you have moved. Although the law does not require you to contact the superintendent, this will close out your record, and he will not expect to receive your test results.If you move to another state, you must comply with their homeschool laws. An Internet search will provide the state organization’s contact information and a description of their law.

If you move to another city or county in Virginia, you must file a new Notice of Intent by August 15. Test scores from the previous city or county should not be sent to the new superintendent. The law does not permit superintendents to share information or compare records. The following year, after you have homeschooled in your new location, you will send evidence of progress to the new superintendent.

Yvonne Bunn
Director of Homeschool Support and Government Affairs

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