Homeschool Stem: Underwater Adventures: Submarine Unit Study

There are a ton of great ways to incorporate a submarine unit study into your homeschool STEM activities. March 17 is Submarine Day, which celebrates the day that John Phillip Holland, an Irish engineer, successfully demonstrated his submarine for the first time. On March 17, 1898, his submarine made her first successful submerged run. His submarines were the first to make use of internal combustion engines on the surface and electric battery power submerged.

This Homeschool Living features a variety of submarine activities for all ages. (opens in a new tab)submarine project is a large-scale craft project, which is always popular with younger kids! If you have some old cardboard and paper plates, take advantage of a rainy afternoon and build this cool submarine with a view. 

Challenge your older kids to research and construct replicas of different submarine styles with this STEM challenge. This is a great opportunity for students to practice their design and critical thinking skills.

This submarine in a bottle is simple to make and makes an excellent sensory or calm-down bottle. You can add your own twist to it by adding a variety of ocean-themed accessories. Consider also adding blue and green glitter or sequins, and you can cut out your own simple sea creatures from craft foam.

Experiment with the functions of fins on a submarine by constructing one out of recycled plastic bottles. Note that this science project requires the use of tools and a tub of water, and will require some adult assistance and supervision

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