Homeschool Stem Building Blocks

Homeschool STEM: Building Blocks to Skyscrapers

Incorporating a lesson or unit study in architecture into your homeschool STEM is a great way to use students’ natural enthusiasm for building and creating to introduce and reinforce a variety of STEM subjects like engineering, physics, and mathematics. Check out this Homeschool Living for some great ways to incorporate architecture study into your homeschool STEM, resources for study and inspiration, and more!

This blog post from Babyccino shares an architect and mother’s passion for introducing architecture early, and offers some great ways to explore key concepts on a young child’s level. Helping your child become aware of their built environment will help them contextualize concepts that they’ll be learning, like simple mathematics, fractions, scale, and design. 

Fort Building for Homeschool STEM

Fort building is almost a rite of passage for children. What child hasn’t piled pillows and boxes, pushed furniture around, and draped blankets over everything to create their own secret hiding place? Make it a challenge and a perfectly engaging way to practice design skills and creative problem solving with this fort-building homeschool STEM activity. What a great way to spend a chilly afternoon! 

The Center for Architecture has a ton of online resources and activities for students in kindergarten through high school. There are a wide variety of creative ways to learn about different styles of architecture, practice design concepts with hands-on projects, and much more. 

For architecture inspiration, look no further than these 30 examples of stunning architecture around the world. This is a great resource for exploring the architecture of different cultures, and for examining the components of a variety of shapes and styles of buildings. You can also incorporate a variety of other lessons by learning about the history, cultural significance, and building process of a favorite example. 

Check out this Homeschool Living to take your homeschool STEM farther with a unit study on bridges

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